Need a selfhostable webapp to play chess with friends.

Features required:

  1. Play chess with friends in web browser
  2. Open Source and self-hostable
  3. No 3rd party account registration or require downloading apps with ads
  4. No flash. Should ideally be a socket.io app or just use websockets

Features recommended:

  1. Stateless and does not require any other resources other than a web server
  2. Backend in python/golang
  3. Simple frontend. Better if code does not have a lot of dependencies or require learning a framework to understand/make custom changes.

Features optional:

  1. Available as a Progressive web app and playable in a mobile phone
  2. Timed game
  3. Allow guest to view the game
  4. Record/Replay/export/import
  5. Allow take-backs if opponent agrees
  6. Create board and start game with it
  7. Support chess puzzles where the opponent is a very smart chess engine
  8. Text/audio/video chat

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