Context: I have a PDF for auditing that I will be providing to my team annually. Members of my team must be able to fill out the PDF and then submit it to me for review. We operate mostly within the O365 environment.

Problem: At present I have to send this pdf by email to a user with instructions. This person then prints the pdf, fills it out, scans it, then emails it to me. This is not ideal because this document is enormous.

Desired Outcome: I want to heavily simplify or automate this process. I would prefer free solutions. But, if the product is perfect I could be persuaded into buying a license, but I will need a free trial.

What I picture is a web app or google sheet style application that allows team collaboration on the PDF. It must:

  1. Update Live
  2. Be uniquely accessible to only users I assign
  3. Allow ME to identify and mark the fields I want editable
  4. Allow one to circle or highlight as a modification
  5. Keep the original PDF formatting and appearance
  6. Afterwards, PDF Export, or Email Alert when task is finished

Additional Information:

If it can be integrated into an existing web server and supports the TSQL DB, that's a huge plus.

I should add, I am open completely to scripting or DIY solutions if anyone has a method that's effective.

I've looked at google sheets but found you can't really import PDFs. You can sort of convert them, but the modified PDF file is so visually different from my source, it's impossible to use. I don't know if Teams offers the flexibility I need, but it's something I'm going to look at soon. I've considered DocuSign (https://www.docusign.com), but my goal doesn't really fit the scope for the product. Hopefully you guys have more knowledge in the topic than I do, because my searches have not been very fruitful.

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