I am wanting to design a photo album/photo book, in which I put together different photos, some text, etc. and this become a multi-page document that I would like to bring to a print shop (so export to PDF would be important). I very much enjoy Canva which has useful tools such as dragging and dropping, easy swapping out of photos, resizing, and many good-looking templates. However I am looking for an offline, open source tool.

When I search for Linux software to do similar things, I mostly find tools that do "photo management" (tagging and tracking of files), or "photo editing" (modifying individual images). Maybe I am not using the right search terms.

Are there any available programs to create nice looking photo albums on Linux?

  • Sounds like a job for regular office software. LibreOffice Writer/Impress / Calligira Sep 2, 2021 at 3:59
  • Here's something to think about most web based software has the idea of theme. If you are willing to go through the effort to create a custom theme then you might be able to achieve a "nice looking photo album".
    – cybernard
    Nov 8, 2021 at 19:39

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I found PicApport to be quite captive in areas you mention. People call it easy to setup (without a need of a web-server), extensible, however some people say its buggy. I have not tested lately so I cannot judge.

If you would like to extend your albums also on more content (like videos), there is a MediaGoblin made for that. This tool is dependent on some underlying web server (like nginx + postgresql combination for example).

If you do not mind putting this solution on a locally hosted web server, then you could choose also from one of these programs:

And a bunch of others - coming back to the keyword you asked for that should be: linux web dynamic photo gallery.

  • Thanks! However, when I mentiond "this become a multi-page document" I meant it should become a printed document. The goal is to create albums I can actually print, so some sort of export to PDF option will be required. From what I see here, these are all web-based galleries and not really aimed at printing them, no? I will clarify my question.
    – user74934
    Oct 9, 2021 at 17:01
  • @user74934 FYI There are plenty of virtual printers, they will show up as printer but generate a PDF file. For example PDF Creator. Also web browsers all have a print button. Now if it prints out in a way you like is a whole different matter. You might have to learn how to do a custom theme to format the output.
    – cybernard
    Nov 8, 2021 at 19:37

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