At the best source of documentation for BLAS, there is mention of "The netlib family and cousins." In that, there is a mention of BLAS++ and LAPACK++. However, both of those C++ libraries are just wrappers to Fortran code.

I want to use BLAS and LAPACK, but don’t want to enforce a Fortran compiler be available on the system for my users. Are there any optimized BLAS and LAPACK libraries (analogous to OpenBLAS) that have been written in C/C++?

  • Is CLAPACK what you are looking for?
    – Sebastian
    May 31 at 17:53
  • This seems to be more of a programming related question that may be better on StackOverflow May 31 at 21:28
  • @DeveloperACE SO told me to come over here May 31 at 21:54
  • ok ok, go with that then lol, i probably dont understand where exactly the line is May 31 at 21:56

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