I used Endomondo fitness tracker for years before it got shut down at the end of 2020. It had one feature I've seen nowhere else, which it called "Beat Yourself".

The idea is that you run a particular route, and it records a GPS track of the route you took, together with how long you took to reach each point along the way. Then the next time you run the same route, you can choose "Beat Yourself" mode, and you can see in the app in real time whether you're ahead or behind your "personal best" time for that route.

I found this motivated me to run faster if I was part way along my running route, and I saw that I was just a little bit slower than my best.

But, as I say, Endomondo is no longer available. And I'm not aware of any other fitness tracking that does this. I'm not interested in "coaching" features, just the ability to track how I'm doing with respect to my own previous time.

Can anyone suggest another app that has this feature?

  • Garmin has the "race an activity" function on its devices which does this. – E.Aigle May 27 at 5:55

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