With the arrival of the latest Windows 10 update, there was the addition of a new "News and interests" app view in the desktop's taskbar.

News and interests 0

News and interests 1

I was wondering how Microsoft added such a widget to my desktop. And if it was possible for me to create an app in C# that would act just like it.

What I mean by "acting like this app":

  • Show a widget in the taskbar.
  • Show an icon in the widget.
  • Show text in the widget.
  • Open some sort of "Form" when clicking on the widget.

I already know how to show Forms and taskbar icons in C#, but the widgets I know how to show are more like the sound, cloud and ethernet ones (like you can see in the taskbar of the photos I provided).

Is there a template to code this new type of widget?

In the end, I would like to make an app that shows the battery life of all the bluetooth devices connected to my pc in my desktop taskbar.

My future bluetooth app

Any tips would be appreciated!

P.S. I say in C# because I've been working with this language for some time but I'm not against the idea of learning some new language!

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