We are attempting to find a better way to archive job folders at our company. Currently we manually go in and simply cut and past from the Production folder to the archive folder any job folders that are older than 2yrs. This is extremely time consuming as it is tons of folders and lots of gigs. Does anybody have an automated process they use? Something that will determine how old a folder is and if it is over 2yrs it gets moved to the archive.

  • I can't confirm the explicit time reference, but I suspect Allway Sync may do what you require. The advanced file inclusion/exclusion options provide for a specific time/duration. You would perhaps configure for all files to be synchronized to the destination, using time/duration in the exclusion category. If I could have found a certain configuration, this would have been an answer.
    – fred_dot_u
    May 21 at 19:32

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