I have a high-speed camera (1000fps) that I have used to film my monitor to learn some things about how displays work (latency, how they flip the image, and so on) and how the game that I am working on actually performs in terms of total input latency. It turned out that it is sometimes nontrivial to tell if you are looking at the old or the new frame (or the shockingly many states in between), and where it changed.

I have tried to play some videos that change the image heavily on each frame so I could identify new frames without a doubt, but its pretty hard to look at, the video itself has to exactly match the display refresh rate AND the playback application has to not lag, and besides, I actually want to run my game and look at what happens. Which leads me to my question:

Is there a program on Windows, that simply shows a number on top of other applications that increments by 1 on every new frame displayed? That way, I could easily read which frame I am looking at from the image without having to do guesswork.

I am NOT looking for a program that shows an overlay with the fps (like fraps, or steamoverlay e.g.), I literally just want a number that is displayed and increased on every consecutive displayed image, so that each image the monitor shows has a different number on it.

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