I am having problems with the following task: I need to create a toolbox that connects the rsync and encryption tools (question about this part) together in a PowerShell script shell. The ideal picture looks like this:

  1. Downloading tools
  2. Connection to cloud storage.
  3. Creating of an encrypted container -> Synchronize on change.
  4. Opening the container (mount as drive/folder that can be accessed normally)
  5. Closing container

The main question comes up in step 3: what software can I use to create a SEPARATED (with several small parts) container. I find it a good idea to split up the container (e.g. 10MB, then the next file) to minimize sync data and send only the affected parts and not one big file.

Sorry, rclone, not rsync :) Anyway, it doesn't change the essence

  • Usually solutions like Nextcloud work like that. Have you looked into that?
    – Sebastian
    May 7 at 19:05

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