in searching around online, there doesn't seem to be a single, comprehensive/high quality piece of software that food banks/pantries can use to keep track of their inventory, and customers/orders to facilitate online delivery during COVID.

Ive been able to find a few different sites such as:

theres also civicrm.org that is incredibly widespread amongst nonprofits and seems to have similar "customer relationship management" functionality that could (or may already have been) extended to support delivery.

but I'm curious if there are any solutions that are popular and being used by many food banks/pantries and/or is recommended by a national organization like FeedingAmerica that come close to being a single, open platform that can be relatively easily be adopted by food pantries to help improve the process of getting food to people who need it


If you need any inventory management software for your business, then opt into zoho inventory

Manage sales and purchase orders, create packages and shipments, and send delivery updates through a single order management system. Dedicate more time to growing your orders than managing them. Group, customize, manage, and track your items from a single application. Try out what's best for your business without losing control over your stock.

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  • this seems like its more of a solution for business that sell things. Can you maybe elaborate more on how this could help a food pantry streamline or automate an existing order, inventory, and delivery flow? May 7 at 5:20

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