Is there any program that can apply filters to video and deliver them to video players, without the need to re-encode and to create a new video file?

Say for example I have a video named MyVid.mp4. Say the filtering program is called "VFilter". Then I tell to VFilter to put a blue rectangle on the bottom-left corner of the video, a rectangle sized 300 x 50 px. Then it saves a file named "MyVid.Fil" where it specifies the filter applied (in this case a blue rectangle).

And then, I keep the program VFilter opened. When a player is accessing the file MyVid.Fil, the program VFilter will apply the filter to the video file MyVid.mp4 and deliver it, un-encoded, to the video player program. That means both the video player and the video filtering programs are running in the same time. There is no need to save the filtered video on the disk since it is directly delivered to the media player.

To put it in another words:

In a video editing software, I can apply a filter and then use the button "Play" to play the video, before saving it. The video doesn't have to be re-encoded since it is sent directly to the screen. What I need is the video editing software to send this video stream to a video player (which has more features for playing videos), instead of playing it in the video editor.


A video player knows to apply a filter when playing: subtitles. Is there any video player that knows how to apply more filters?

I am using Windows, but I am interested in any program capable to do such things, no matter the platform or price.

  • Could you please clarify what OS the program shall run on, and what your price limit would be if it comes to paid solutions? Thanks! – Izzy May 4 at 20:38

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