I want an open source alternative to Wolfram Alpha that is like a QA system that:

  • has scientific functionality and geographic functionality just like Wolfram Alpha

  • Can provide informaation from various fileds like health, conversion, physics, general knowledge e.t.c similiar to Wolfram Alpha

  • Can process general questions like- 'What is the capital of Greece?', 'How old is Michio Kaku?', 'How many inches is 1 foot?','what was the weather yesterday in Miami?' e.t.c

  • can do mathematical calculations (like a computer algebra system)

The reason I want to find a Wolfram Alpha open source alternative is because I am interested in using a Wolfram Alpha-like system for one of my projects.

I am fine if I need to use multiple modules for each task. But I want it to be (hopefully) as diverse and effective as wolfram alpha.

I have found a Python module known as quepy. It can take in natural language and search DBpedia.org or Freebase (two common knowledgebases) for results.

Something like this would satisfy my first requirement.

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