Lets say i have a sequence of steps to be done

  1. There is a pre-baked image present with all the dependencies
  2. i have some additional code which is kept constantly enhanced and prefer to host it in a bitbucket or github or gitlab.
  3. there is a k8s cluster where i wanted to perform these tasks so that it is easy to scale in and out

Following are the tasks which is the basic expectation

  1. pull the pre baked image from dockerhub or some cntainer registry into a kubernetes pod/container
  2. do a git clone of a given repository
  3. need to run through some commands (typical tasks - could be a lint check/ test or some code execution in go/python./
  4. terminate the k8s pod/container and scale back to zero to await for a new coommand.

i read there are some capabilities of camelk but has a very tight binding with Java - but are there any alternative libraries to do this block of statements in python/golang on a kubernetes cluster ?

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