I'd like to create a website where people can upload and watch images and possibly short webms. The images appear as thumbnails and only open fully once clicked on. To do this I need some sort of image hosting service that lets me upload images, verify that they actually are images and store the images as well as a smaller thumbnail. So I can just store the image and thumbnail URL in my database.
Another desired feature would be the deletion of the images after a while so I don't have to pay for images nobody is looking at anymore. Imgur seemed like the perfect solution, since they allow anonymous image uploads directly from the browser and have built in thumbnail support. But they recently disallowed hot linking of images and there is no mention on imgur about how to use their site as a UGC CDN, so it seems they wan't to purely be a social media site now.
So is there a similar service that I could use to host UGC or should I just build my own storage solution using either postgres blobs or an S3 bucket?

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