There is a file called protein data bank (.pdb) which contains the instructions for protein
I found a video in which it shows the visualization of the pdb file.
But I am not sure what software or tools are available to visualize the pdb file.

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As you don't way which sort of visualization you are looking for I am unsure what exactly you need.

You might find rstoolbox (discussed here) useful. The tutorial shows an example of loading a PDB file and produces a number of visualizations: Vis1

Biopython can also read PDB files, (amongst others), and can write to OpenSCAD format files which are suitable for 3D visualization or printing on with a 3D printer. (See https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3957471 for an example)

BioStructMap also looks to be relevant.

Note that Python, Jupyter and all of the other tools mentioned are available free, gratis & Open Source on most platforms.

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