TLDR, is there a load test runner that can execute methods in a .Net library in a similar manner to VS Load Test?

We are heavily invested in the MS Visual Studio Load Test tool and use the unit test method approach. E.g, a VS test project (C#) that contains test methods to cover load test scenarios. The tests make extensive use of our test framework C# projects (kind of like an SDK for our app under test). This allows the tests to be written in a fairly high-level manner and rely on our test framework libraries to do all the heavy lifting. These test framework libraries are also reused for functional tests and various test utilities.

With the deprecation of VS Load Test, I have been looking for alternative suggestions for driving existing MS Test test methods in a load test situation. The usual suggestion is JMeter, but this appears to be either impossible or sketchy at best. We are a MS/Azure technology stack and would prefer to reuse our existing code and not have to completely rewrite JUST our load tests in another tool and language that the team does not use. Alternatively, we could rewrite the test methods but definitely don't want to have to rewrite our SDKs just to support this specific testing activity.

I have done a lot of searching on the Web and have not come up with much. While VS 2019 will still be supported for a few years, the Load Test feature does not appear to work with .Net Core, which has made the issue more immediate.

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