I'm looking for a file manager with the following requirements:

  1. Dark theme
  2. Multiple tabs/panes
  3. Multimedia support - built in image viewer at least. Thumbnail generation too.
  4. SMB support
  6. Per-folder sort
  7. Sort by last modified date

The last one is important, because solid explorer covers all these criteria, except its "date" sort is by last accessed date, which makes it useless - every time you access a file, the order changes. And the developer is unresponsive so that's not changing.

Both free and paid apps are fine.


Check out FX Explorer https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nextapp.fx It meets all your requirements. (Some are paid features.) I'm using it for the past few years and love it.

  • The sorting and the image viewer are broken however. Technically they are present, however both these features are unusable in their current state. – martixy Apr 22 at 7:36
  • @martixy They both work perfectly fine for me. Perhaps it is only a paid feature. What is the issue? – user218076 Apr 25 at 12:46
  • More than half the time, when I try to swipe in the image viewer, it won't change. And you cannot sort a single folder, without first sorting EVERYTHING. Makes for a miserable user experience. – martixy Apr 26 at 16:23
  • @martixy not sure about the image viewer. It works perfectly on my device. I can swipe away and it works. Regarding sorting, there is a save option which allows you to save different sort criteria per folder. – user218076 Apr 27 at 5:41
  • And you cannot sort a single folder, without first sorting EVERYTHING. – martixy Apr 27 at 20:31

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