I have the following problem:

  • I have a website with a number of interactable objects (buttons, lists, images, etc).
  • Part of the functionality of that website is the amount of people that have interacted with those objects
  • Basically everytime a new person interacts with a given object, I would like to count that person

For this I would simply need to send out a fetch request everytime an interaction happens. The problem is, some people may be incentivced to interact with the same object over and over, which would drive up the count. In order to prevent this, I would a have to keep a list in a database with pairs IP addresses and objects and make sure that double interactions are ignored.

But that seams like a lot of strain on a single database.

Another problem is of course bots. People may create bots with different IPs that interact with objects.

So I was wondering is there some sort of middleware I could put in between my server and the web application, that

  • A only counts the interaction of one person and one object
  • B has a list of known bots and ignores requests by those

So is there some sort of system that lets me do this? Basically vet the counter requests and then redirects them to me?

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