There are a few utilities for showcasing fonts/font families from a file in a Window. Windows has something like this (I forget the name); and on Linux you have gnome-font-view and perhaps something in KDE as well.

However - those don't let you see various metrics/dimensional features of fonts: The Em square, ascender and descender lengths, x-height vs M-height etc. You also typically can't compare sizes and measures against some other font as the baseline, or even a 1x1 box of some unit (cm, in, etc.).

Is there some utility which offers this functionality? If not, perhaps even a full-fledged font editor, or non-font application, which offers this?

Required features:

  • Runs on Linux
  • Runs on x86_64
  • Supports TTF and OTF

Desired features:

  • Libre
  • Gratis
  • Multi-platform
  • Supports more font file formats

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Can I suggest taking a look at FontForge.

  • Cross Platform including Linux
  • Free & Open Source (contribution requested)
  • 32 bit x86 but runs on 64
  • Supports TTF, OTF and many others

It offers a metrics window amongst many other features. FontForge

  • Needless to say it is scriptable in python! Apr 9, 2021 at 14:18

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