Is there any library for python to deal with XML-Schema Definitions (xsd)? I found 'pyxb' and it looks very promising, but development ended in 2018.

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The fact that development of a product has ended does not necessarily mean it is dead: it might just be complete and stable.

There is another candidate: Saxon/C. The Enterprise Edition supports XSD processing, and offers a Python API. A disclaimer, however: it is a commercial product produced by my company, Saxonica.


There is XMLSchema which looks very promising, is MIT licensed, currently maintained as at April 2021 and claims:

  • Full XSD 1.0 and XSD 1.1 support
  • Building of XML schema objects from XSD files
  • Validation of XML instances against XSD schemas
  • Decoding of XML data into Python data and to JSON
  • Encoding of Python data and JSON to XML
  • Data decoding and encoding ruled by converter classes
  • An XPath based API for finding schema's elements and attributes
  • Support of XSD validation modes strict/lax/skip
  • Remote attacks protection by default using an XMLParser that forbids entities
  • XML data bindings based on DataElement class
  • Static code generation with Jinja2 templates

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