I'm looking for a service that allows me to convert pdf files to pptx. The need is to output a PowerPoint that is not simply the conversion of the pdf into images, but that is also editable (therefore it includes OCR technology). Services may be manageable on asp.net but python or javascript are fine too. I tried a few services but none of them really met my need.

Libraries / modules that did not work:

Aspose.PDF (aspnet);
Cloudmersive (aspnet);
Convertapi (aspnet);
Spire.Presentation (aspnet);
pdf2pptx (python);
pdf-powerpoint (nodejs)

Would anyone know how to point me to other services or ways to get this type of PowerPoint output? Thanks


Solved using the Zamzar File Conversion API Service

With this service (which can be called up in almost all programming languages) we were able to convert from PDF to PPTX and output a perfectly identical file (page formats, styles, etc.) to the PDF with the possibility of editing it (it does not generate image slides but fully editable slides).

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