I would like to know if there is any tool, that can:

  • stick to a folder structure and work with its content (embedded-mode)
    • dynamically populate active file to a tabular format (JSON and XML is challenge here)
    • editing values in the active data
    • (create view-like queries to combine information from more objects) optionally
  • maintain a structure between files (metadata/?), being able to process these kind of files (bold must have):
    • JSON
    • XML
    • SQLite
    • CSV, TSV, text_files
    • (XLS) optionally
    • (PDF) optionally
    • (images*) optionally
  • Run Linux and Windows (and optionally Mac) environments

Based on my previous research, this need can fulfill so called "DMS" (Document Management System), however I have not found any that run in local file-system in embedded mode.

I have already found something that resembles what I am searching for, however BaseX seems to me too much complicated (additionally with xquery language which I do not understand well). I would prefer something that is more graphical user friendly. Also if sqlite can be handled, it would be better.

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