Is there an app that can add some seconds of pre-recording when record-button is pressed"?

An app that when started, is constantly loop-recording to a eg. 10sec. cache, and when the record button is pressed, the past 10 seconds are added to the start of the now running recording.

Use-case: You are waiting for an event to happen at an unknown time, that you want to record. When it happens, it is too late to hit the record button. For now, the workaround is to start a lot in advance and after the event is recorded, edit the video, go search for the event and delete all stuff before it.

This would be similar to dashcams, which record in a loop and delete the oldest file when the storage is full.

Surprisingly, even after hours of searching, i did find no app with such a mode. I thought i remember this was an advertised feature for digital video cameras many years ago, but now i can't find any references to it.

  • This would be a battery killer. DashCams can do it because they have an almost unlimited power-supply. – Tetsujin Apr 5 at 11:09
  • That. And mentioning dashcams, a second group of the same category are security/surveillance cams with motion detection – for the very same reason (usually being connected to "almost unimited power-supply"). – Izzy Apr 5 at 14:56
  • Sure. But I dont talk hours of pre recording. As i described, the workaround is to record it all and then cut. So I have enough power for what I do. – sirtet Apr 6 at 19:47

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