I currently use Softperfect's Networx which adds a little graphical display to the windows start bar at the bottom. The issue I have is that the software does a lot of other stuff that I don't need and has transitioned to a paid model so the version I use is out of date.

Is there some software which just adds a network usage graph that is lightweight (and preferably free) which integrates directly with the windows task bar (via a Toolbar)?

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You can use this software called NetSpeedMonitor, it is used to monitor the current speed (up and downstream) of your Network Interfaces and the amount of data transferred.

  • Note that NetSpeedMonitor does not have a graph (like OP requested). It's still a great tool though.
    – KERR
    Commented Apr 24, 2021 at 12:52

Ok, after a lot more searching and detective work I found out that the little toolbar integrations are actually called Deskbands which is what they are referred to in the Windows documentation.

So with that knowledge it turns out that there are quite a few applications that will monitor network usage and show it in the toolbar.

NetworkSummaryToolbar - Link


This is what I ended up using, works quite well. Multiple graph rendering modes but I wish you could tweak the colours.

Other options (that might interest you but didn't work for me)

NetView - works but no graph


taskbar-monitor - works but style of graph doesn't match but does monitor CPU, Memory and Disk if your into that


Perfmonbar - allows monitoring crazy amounts of PC stats but all text based



MonBand - might be good but no screenshot so no idea what it looks like :(

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