We are trying to find the best solution for creating an online store that works for us. We are building a marketplace that represents a grocery store. We have attempted to use Shopify but have found that we could not get what we needed out of their services due to built-in features on Shopify that cannot be changed or edited. We need something more flexible/customizable.

Requirements & Features:

  1. Backend Data: We need to control the data and the layout of that data when an item is purchased. We currently have an "add-on" feature on Shopify that cannot list actual names of the purchase, rather just that the add-on has occurred and the value of that add-on. Shopify support says that cannot be changed.

  2. We need to build checkout features such as:

    a) Add-on feature - We need to create the ability to add on products when the customer is completing the purchase.

    b) Subscriptions - We need to have the ability for customers to become subscribers.

  3. Create the ability to control shipping: Many of our vendors already have online stores. We want to act as the middleman and have them ship for us once a sale has been made on our site. Currently, Shopify allows up to 8 fulfillment centers, but not what we want to do. This must include:

    a) The ability to control where certain areas customers can purchase from

    b) Control over the time and dates shipping takes place. - This must be information passed onto the customer as well at the point of purchase.

  4. Control courier pickups: We want to control when couriers can pick up our products/packages. Aka setting a shipping pickup date and time. The issue is we are creating packages with perishable items, so they have to be shipped on certain days that we set.

  5. Set Local Delivery fees based on regions/areas: We want to farm out our local deliveries to companies or do them internally. This means we want to create flat rates based on regions. Aka CityA costs $10, but CityB costs $15. We are currently doing the deliveries ourselves but want to create a relationship with a company to do deliveries for us. As it sits, Shopify only allows rates to change based on their automated courier system. Not on us setting the delivery fees, so it has to be one fee for all regions.

Any Shopify users out there that have run into similar issues and found an alternative?

Thank you in advance for your suggestions

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