I'd like to build an e-mail client. I'm interested in building the GUI (folders, list of e-mails, account setup, …) but I don't want to deal with parsing MIME e-mails and displaying HTML e-mails securely.

I'm looking for a library that would e.g. take as an input:

  • the contents of a maildir file
  • or alternatively just the MIME part of that file (I can parse the headers easily)

The library should return a list of attachments.

The library should also provide a widget to display the contents of an HTML e-mail, securely (e.g. disable loading external images by default, disable scripts…).

enter image description here


  • open-source, non-GPL (my code is CC0)
  • compatible with the Qt toolkit (other toolkits / web are okay too)

I assume that a library doing the display is likely to be able to handle attachments too, but those could be separate libraries.


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