I am looking for a text editor with markdown syntax highlighting to edit my files for Hugo. There is a lot of editors, but I would need to see my document tree beside the editing field there as well so I can switch files without clicking through a menu.

I would love if the editor would be even able to help me with linking within my hugo project, so that it automatically shows autocompletions when I want to create a link to another file within my project.

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vscode has great support for markdown. You can add relative path plug-in in for path completions.


CudaText is free, open source. It has the Project Manager plugin in the side panel - it will show files tree after you make the project with some root folder. It also shows code-tree in side-panel but you didn't ask it.

Markdown syntax highlight is out of the box.

Auto-completion for Markdown isn't there, you may write a plugin.

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