Is there a Windows XP or Windows 7 file manager with the ability to preview jpg, pdf, rtf, doc, docx and epub files (without launching another program)?

I am using xyplorer free 5.555, but though it works well with jpg, pdf, rtf, doc, it doesn't work with epub or docx files. Later versions of xyplorer free or pro seem to lack this feature.

Total Commander also fails with pdf, docx and epub.


Total Commander makes use of the lister you define in the settings.

So if you install e.g. http://www.uvviewsoft.com/uviewer/ plugins you are able to view all the documents with this lister.

So it is not dependent on the Windows file manager but the viewer/plugin you install and which formats it supports.

  • Thanks - this is far better than what I had found! – Joseph_Jaroslav Mar 29 at 14:57
  • Adding the following lister plugins: 1) wlx_OOoViewer, 2) wlx_listdoc and 3) wlx_slister to Total Commander allows lister to preview 1) docx, 2) doc and rtf, and 3) pdf and epub files. – Joseph_Jaroslav Mar 30 at 12:08

Xplorer2 pro version 5 runs in windows XP and above, and besides of usual file manager operations, it allows preview of jpg, pdf, rtf, doc, docx and epub files, though it needs downloading several additional plugins.

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