Do you know any open source software (for either website or app) for selling used items? I mean a marketplace for second hand items just like www.carousell.sg.

  • No payment in app

  • No sipping in app

Carousell is for both website and app. And you can rate the seller and read reviews.

  • How do you plan to handle payments? Obviously, in some way, a third party payment-processor must be involved but which one?
    – knb
    Mar 26 at 8:36
  • Just curious, what is "sipping "? Mar 27 at 7:55

Opensource content management systems like drupal, wordpress, etc. have modules for ecommerce which can probably be used for your purposes.

Please see a previous answer I posted here using drupal commerce, even though a bit old now.

Also, another system to check out is Opencart

I suggest you clarify the specific functionality you are looking for e.g.

  • is it one vendor or multiple vendors?
  • what payment methods will be made available? For instance, if multiple vendors, site may need to take commission out of payments...
  • potential number of products/transactions per day
  • hosted or self-hosted?
  • how to handle shipping, freight, postage charges?
  • and so on...

This will help narrow down which system to use.

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