I am looking for a genealogy package that will run on a Microsoft Surface using the ARM processor and the RT version of Windows 8/8.1.

Either free or paid for.

There are many packages for Windows; Roots Magic and Family Tree Builder to name but two. They all seem to be for the x86 Windows only.

There are several web-based services for keeping a basic tree in the cloud; Ancestry, Tribal Pages, etc. Which can, of course, be accessed from any browser. However, none of these can hold the depth of information that most seasoned genealogists will have in their family trees.

I am after something that will maintain a database on the local machine, handling citations, photographs and reporting. Any ideas?

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    Have you considered hosting your genealogy database on your own website? There are genealogy extensions for the major CMSes.
    – user291737
    Feb 15 '14 at 14:28

You can try BegatAll described as: "A complete genealogy application. Create, Browse, Import, Export, Edit and Share your family tree. BegatAll provides a truly modern genealogy assistant with flowing, touchable tree views and efficient edit forms."

It is available for x86, x64 or ARM and is a Windows 8.1 app, probably working in Windows 8 as well. You can download it from the Windows store. It is quite inexpensive at just $5.

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