So far, all the readers I experienced scroll pages vertically while fitting horizontally A4 pages' width.

Are there softwares out there able to:

  1. "swipe left" pages
  2. fit vertically both A4 and A3 pages (which have the same height) to the portrait-oriented screen
  3. compatible with Linux and Android
  4. must have would be some comment-stick/highlight/draw-on features
  5. cherry on the top would be integrated sync to both centralized and self-hosted clouds ?

Sometimes PDF files include portrait-oriented A4 pages, with landscape-oriented A3 pages, and it's a pain in the ass having to resize at each switch...

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Try Xodo:

  • You can change between Vertical/Horizontal scrolling.
  • You can enable "RTL mode" to swipe left (if I understood correctly)
  • Currently no Linux app, but you can use the web app version. (pdf.online)
  • Has Annotation features

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