I need to record numbers of keystrokes and mouse clicks per hour for my own record keeping. (09:00~10:00, 10:00~11:00, ..., 17:00~18:00 etc)

I don't need to keep what key I typed, but just need only total number of keystrokes. Please exclude WhatPulse.

Is there a good software or appropricate C/C++, Java, or Python code to implement it myself?

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You can use the KeyCounter app; to build out a list of only the keys you want to count, auto-save and reload your key list and counts, export the current list, and counts on CSV format. You can download it by following this link http://skwire.dcmembers.com/apps/keycounter/KeyCounter.zip

You can also try Keystroke Counter and Frequency Recorder Software (count the keys and words typed while working).

If you want to record your keystrokes you can use Best Free Keylogger. It can be used to monitor any employee's computer and generates reports of their daily activities.

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