I want to simulate packet routing between different peers in a meshed network based on the wifi protocol (or at least on similar characteristics) with peers which are moving and changing their position in euclidean space.

Basically I need to be able to simulate a big number of moving peers and be able to tell which of them would be in range of each other and roughly how long it would take to transfer a packet from one to the other using the wifi protocol and subsequently how long the transfer of a packet via hopping multiple peers to reach a goal would take.

I don't really need to simulate the actual protocols just the characteristics and limitations that would come with them like for example:

  • required distance for establishing connection between two peers
  • transfer speed based on quality of signal
  • establishing of connections and reconnecting
  • number of supported connections at any given time

It's all about a theoretical possible performance simulation. I looked into many programs and libraries but it is still hard for me which one is suitable for the task and would save me work instead of creating more.

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