I am working with an tech organisation that is helping people develop ideas, including teaching them about Server Management/Hosting and therefore has a lot of small scale apps to deploy on a regular bases. We have some servers and previously have been deploying apps using methods listed in the Things we have tried section.

What we are trying to find (In order)

  • Web app manager to host many different technologies (express, flask, actix, lamp/wordpress)
  • Run on premise, ideally on multiple servers (2-3 decent servers to start off with)
  • Easy to use templates to allow easy setup for users
  • Open Source is always preferred, as well as still being maintained
  • Someway to implement githooks/auto update with github repos
  • Web console for easy use (not required)

Things we have tried

  • In house Nginx setup (which was far to clunky and non-resilient)
  • Webmin/Virtualmin (worked great for normal sites, but it didn't work so well for all the node, python, rust webapps)
  • Cloudfoundry/Bosh (Didn't manage to get it setup, as it was designed for a database of many more servers, also Bosh-Lite no longer active, and isn't installable on supported versions of virtualbox), would like some tips to get this option working if you have them.

To summarise

AWS beanstalk/GCloud App Engine but locally hosted to teach people to manage servers.

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