I need a desktop RDBMS to conveniently manage a bundle of rich text notes -- CRUD, adding tags, search inside notes, backups, etc. In a way, I need a light, abridged, desktop only version of Evernote that can also add metadata ("custom fields" or "properties" in Notion) to the rich-text notes.

Critical functionality:

  1. Windows
  2. CRUD
  3. Rich text editor
  4. Pasting formatted text and images from clipboard preserves formatting
  5. Using tags
  6. Adding custom fields to the notes (aka Notion's "properties")
  7. Searching inside notes with real-time suggestions
  8. Working offline seamlessly (in fact, at this point I'm not interested in online/mobile at all)
  9. Backups

Declined candidates:

Evernote Does not allow to add custom fields to the note entries -- those little things Notion has and calls them "properties".

Notion Does not support offline working with your notes.

KeepNote Severely outdated

TagSpaces Very different concept

Simplenote No rich text; No custom fields

OneNote Similar to Evernote

Keep Similar to Simplenote

Bear Can't assess, for Mac users only

Zim No custom fields; Pastes don't keep source formatting; No in-text images

Very far from what I look for are CintaNotes, NixNote, Turtl, GNotes, Laverna.

As a raw idea -- can it be implemented with Django and where do you recommend I start? Vibrato Notes might be worth trying once deployed, if and when.

Any recommendations?

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Have you taken a look at https://standardnotes.org? It meets most of the requirements I think, minus the requirement for custom fields. It being open source and able to build on top of it, with the extension system.

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    Thank you ZucchiniZe. However Standard Notes does not seem to offer anything useful above Evernote -- only privacy, maybe. Out of the box it has less useful features than Evernote -- eg. no rich text editor. And presence of custom note properties is critical -- it's the lack of those that pushes me to search for Evernote replacement. Mar 14, 2021 at 11:41

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