I am looking to view multiple types of documents in a Xamarin application. I have tried the WebView control but it uses the internet to view the documents. I'm looking for a solution that works offline.


  • .NET Xamarin (android / ios) compatible
  • Accessible via Nuget
  • offline access (no internet)
  • PDF / Office documents / images
  • streamlined UX
  • Multipage scrolling / layouts

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The LEADTOOLS Xamarin SDK contains a powerful Document Viewer module. (Disclaimer: I’m an employee of the vendor’s).

I believe it meets your listed requirements, but it would be better if you try it yourself. You can either download full SDK’s evaluation edition setup here or visit the Xamarin Document Viewer NuGet page here

If you download the full evaluation setup, it includes the source code of a document viewer demo inside this folder:

This is what the demo looks like in action:

Document Viewer App

During evaluation (and after purchasing), the SDK has free tech support through email and online chat, so feel free to send any questions you might have about the viewer to [email protected].

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