I have a big problem with my external hard drive, when I'm trying to connect the Seagate hard drive, the computer freezes and the file explorer did not respond.

I have used different software such as HDD Regenerator, CrystalDiskInfo to identify the problems of the hard drive.

  • WithCrystalDiskInfo software. I got a caution Health Status with reallocated sectors and bad sectors.
  • With HDD Regenerator software, I got a warning message ( I should change bios ...).

How can I fix and identifies the real problems and errors that drive my External hard drive to freeze ???

  • Welcome! Are you looking for a software recommendation or advice on how to fix your hard drive. If it's the former, please kindly edit to make that a bit more clear. If it's the latter, we can migrate your question to our sister site Superuser, where it will be on topic. Thanks! Mar 7 at 6:06

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