I recently used http://www.imatheq.com/corpsite/index.html.

It's pretty cool but seems that with the free version when you save the image it adds a weird background color to it.

The quality of the image is also not good.

Are there any other good freely available mathematical expressions writer web-apps?

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If you are going to be doing a fair bit of mathematical typesetting I would suggest learning how to use MathJax either directly or via tools such as Jupyter.

Jupyter allows you to run a server where you can combine MarkDown, MathJax and code, including executing the code and including the results.

It is

  • Free, Gratis & Open Source
  • Cross Platform
  • The user interface is via the browser
  • Results can be saved to pdf and a number of other formats

Some mathematicians use Overleaf as free equation editor online. Here is a link https://www.overleaf.com. It is Latex based, and very popular among math people

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