I just can't figure out how I get access to files on the SD card from my raspberry. The raspberry doesn't display the GUI anymore, thus, I wanted to plug the SD card into my Mac (M1) to copy some python scripts I coded there. When I mount the SD card on the Mac, I have a couple of files like initrd.img and .bak files. Is there any way to copy files I had on my desktop on the ubuntu image of my raspberry pi SD card?

Any help is appreciated!

The raspberry is the 8gb ram 64bit model, I set it up with ubuntu 20.04.

  • Any file explorer should do. Files you had on your desktop should be located in /home/<username>/Desktop (replace <username> by the login you've used). Note that the card will have multiple partitions; /home is usually located on the biggest one. // As essentially you're not asking for software but rather for a howto (which you didn't know before), for more instructions you're better of on our Raspberry Pi sister site.
    – Izzy
    Mar 5 at 12:54

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