see https://www.example.com/

If it is using WordPress, what theme/plugin does it use? If not, what CMS/framework/template is it built on?



This website does not use WordPress - it doesn't load any resource with a WP-related name, nor it have any JS or CSS class name relationship (except for .elementor-* CSS classes on some elements in the homepage).

Looking at the bundled JS file, I can say that the page uses, for sure:

  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery

It seems that this website is not based on any of the most-known CMSs, if on any.

  • The home page and some pages on the home page can be built manually. But I can hardly think the numerous inner pages are also built manually. They must be dynamic pages which are built with some CMS.
    – William
    Mar 4 at 2:46

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