I'm working with a small database built from spreadsheets, so I have several CSV files that may be related through column keys.

I want to upload this work to a webpage and allow people to search through my tables/database, but I am not an expert and don't know how to write code. I just know the basics. Hence I'm looking for a CMS or some tool (like QGIS2WEB, which easily exports maps to HTML files) to create a website and display searchable information.

I've already tried WordPress and Omeka, because they're the ones I have experienced with. The first one I know could work, but it's too heavy and I would have to pay so much for many plugins (to create custom post types from CSV, for advanced search, etc.). Omeka is okay, it's easy to upload and display information, but I didn't manage to get the search form I would like to. I've tried AvantSearch, but most of the fields in the form are useless for me and it wouldn't be intuitive. I could elaborate on this if you want me to.

Hope you can help. Thanks.

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