I've used http://www.python-gui-builder.com/ but its outdated and doesn't have enough features. I've also used https://visualtk.com/ but its inconsistent and doesn't generate my code half the time. Neither have any mathematical components.

Right now I'm using (https://labdeck.com/python/) and its great and has everything I want but it limits how many GUI components I can use at once. Before I upgrade to (https://labdeck.com/python-designer/) for £15, does anyone know any better options and it must be up to £25.

  • I don't know the best option. But Pycharm has all what i need. – quevedo Feb 28 at 17:31
  • @quevedo They seem to have the GUI part but I couldn't find anything about mathematical features and also does it look better/more useful than the current one I'm going with. – KieronK Feb 28 at 18:20

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