Its my first few times in stackoverflow. I was lucky enough to get assistance from very good people on my other posts. So I was thinking that whether is it also appropriate to post to ask for recommendation here? (In case it is not proper, please do share a good site.)

Here is my problem: I wish to run my docker image on anaconda to generate output from my dockenized python application(image).

  1. I built a python application - in order to run it, I will need to execute the python module called "runner.py". This application is run in windows installed anaconda editor.

  2. After executing the application, it will save certain output files in 2 folders named "output" and "contents".

What I did, I created a docker image for this application and I could execute this container with docker desktop or command prompt. However, I do not understand how I could execute it in anaconda(is this even a good recommendation to do so?).

My questions:

  1. Is it recommended to execute it in anaconda? If yes, how can I get the output and content folders results? I dont know how to extract it. FYI, I built the docker by using dockerfile alone.

Thank you and hope I am at the right site.

My dockerfile:

FROM python:3.9
WORKDIR /usr/src/app
ARG src= "python_application"
COPY ${src} .
COPY requirements.txt .

RUN pip install -r requirements.txt

# command to run on container start
CMD [ "python", "./python_application/runner.py" ]

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