I would like to compare two directory trees, but in a different way than most tools do. I want to compare the files by content, independently of their names or positions.

I want to find which files are in common between the two directories, or missing, even if they're organized in different subdirectories, by the files' contents. I am specifically not looking for something that will only compare files that are in the same subdirectory locations, or have the same names. For example, if I compare the following directories "A" and "B":



I would be looking for it to match up the files that are the same between them, and which are not present in either, based on contents, so it might show me (if true) that:

  • "A\animals\cats\tiger.x" = "B\blah\tiger.x"
  • "A\animals\dogs\wolf.x" = "B\wolf.x"
  • "A\animals\dogs\named.x" = "B\blah\renamed.x"
  • "A\a.x" is not present in "B"
  • "B\blah\b.x" is not present in "A"

I do not want something that will say "B\animals\dogs\wolf.x is missing", and leave it at that, simply because it's located in a different subtree of "B" compared to "A". Similarly I don't want to see "there's no named.x in B", and have it left at that, simply because it's been renamed to "renamed.x".

My primary focus is on Windows 10, and a GUI would be a plus, but I'd also be interested in Linux solutions.

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