I would like to make a graphical programming interface somewhat like Blender's node interface, which looks like this:

Blender node interface screenshot

There's no need for automatic layout of the graph, the user's going to manually drag and drop all the nodes around manually.

What does matter:

  • It looks good
  • It allows for the connection points to be different colours
  • It allows for curved connection lines (bicubic or whatever)
  • Ideally, it integrates well with Swing, because that's what the application is currently using.

Prefuse I'm pretty sure could be adapted to do this sort of rendering - I'm not entirely sure whether it can do the connections to specific points, but maybe it can... I would be willing to give it a shot if it were the last graph drawing library on the planet.

But Prefuse is old and unmaintained, and there must be a dozen new libraries out there, so what's good?

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