We are concerned that our tech stack might have difficulties with integration testing since we are not very experienced with this process. We are looking for any validation or suggestions with "optional" or suggestive choices that exist.

Our current tech stack consists of:

  • FE: React or alternate: Jquery/Ajax
  • BE: Python w/ considerations for Flask
  • DB: MS_SQL

Currently, we have an MS_SQL database with python functions that can insert and take data from the database. We also know how to convert the data we receive from the python function into JSON format. This goes along with our React FE which currently consists of a login-page.

Description of the team: We are a team full of university students and do not have much Front End development knowledge besides basic HTML/CSS/JS and have spent some of the past weeks learning React.

  • Your tech stack will work fine as is. React front-end is independent of the backend and you can use Axios (npmjs.com/package/react-axios) to make calls to any backend, including a python backend. You can also use python to interface with MS SQL, but generally people use MySql with Python. You just need to find a good ORM in python that can interface with the SQL server you chose. – hcham1 Feb 16 at 14:10

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