MIRACL (Multiprecision Integer and Rational Arithmetic C/C++ Library) is a famous library used most of the time for implementing number-theoretic based methods of cryptography. I don't know how to code in C and C++ so I was wondering are there other libraries like MIRACL but for python?


I'm not familiar with MIRACL and I don't know what features you're looking for, anyway, but Python has arbitrary-sized integers (int) and rational numbers (fractions.Fraction) built in.


For Python, you can use Charm: https://jhuisi.github.io/charm/install_source.html

In Charm, you will find a wide range of implemented schemes that can be easily used, please see this example for the RSA public key encryption https://jhuisi.github.io/charm/charm/schemes/pkenc/pkenc_rsa.html

This is a list of all the implemented cryptographic protocols: https://jhuisi.github.io/charm/schemes.html


I'm also not familiar with MIRACL but one very good Python Cryptographic library would be PyCryptoDome. You can find it's documentation here.

Hope this helps :)

  • How do we know it supports multiprecision?
    – Mr.
    Sep 7 at 3:31

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