A group I'm part of has been using Google Meet for our audio conferencing. I'm quite unhappy with it. There is too much lag and too much noise when someone is moving around (squeaky chair, noisy snack, etc.). Also, sometimes there is an echo of my voice, and sometimes there are gaps in someone's speech.

I would like to dial in on my landline phone. I use a Windows desktop computer but others may use other operating systems.

I would prefer something free but a reasonable price would be okay too.

I've never seen more than 10 people attend on a given day.

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    My choice: #1: Zoom, #2 Teams. Both tested with 50 people. Zoom even with video. – Michael S. Feb 13 at 9:11

There are a lot of different options out there for audio conferencing. These support a landline dial in:

All of the above have free options, but it's usually limited to the number of participants and duration of the call

If you don't need to dial in you can also use Discord which has some really good noise suppression. Discord is free.

  • Thank you. What do you think about noise suppression and latency in the three you listed that allow dialing in? (By the way, I believe Zoom doesn't allow dialing in in the free plan.) – aparente001 Feb 12 at 16:37

There is open source Jitsi Meet. Really good one. If you need to dial in, you can have a look at what Twillio offers, but you pay for almost everything there. For nouse cancelling I would look for external tools

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