I really like the service of sharetxt.xyz. I'd like to implement it, seems like the perfect "challange", but I feel I'm too noob to figure it out of my own. I hoped I could get some nice hints about how to go about it.

my requirements:

  • No need for my father for any knowledge or software other then the webbrowser. ( so don't recommend me to just install git on my fathers computer and teach him to "git add ., git commit, git push". There's a possibility he would go into it, but I'd like to take a try with this challenge)
  • possibility for two people to work on the same text.
  • possibility to "rewind" ( if it is not too complicated, git integration would be awesome. but I'll be already happy if the save button would just always create a new file on the server with naming the file with a timestamp )
  • use of as minimal number of libraries as it's still possible for me to handle it. I guess it's really hard to tell for the reader what's possible for me, and what's not (I hope you haven't already realised that I'm stupid, and everything is). What I'm trying to say, that if everything could be handled in just javascript with a little bit of more trying, I would be more satisfied with that, but if it just makes so much more sense to use php to communicate with an sql server, and keep the data there, I'd go that road, but that means I'd have to learn those two from zero.

When I started to try to implement it on my own, and did a little research, I got to the point that I'll need php, sql (i'd prefer to learn postgresql) and javascript, although I don't see any php on the webpage's source. I've also seen while googleing, that node.js can acces the file system, but integration with the site's "javascript" (from what I understand, roughly speaking node.js runs on the server, "javascript" runs in the local webbrowser, I'm not sure what would be the proper term for "javascript" in this context) sounds even spookier then learning two languages. Correct me If I'm wrong, and node.js is "the right way". Maybe I just want to learn sql, that's why I feel this way :D. I also don't see php on the source of the page. I didn't check every links though, but would be too much for me to comprehend at this low point anyway.

To be honest I'm just clueless how this site works, but I have a hunch that I could implement it some way or another.

So could I get some hint what way to go? Also, if you suggest to go the php - sql road, It would be nice to get some advice what aspects of these languages would suffice for me to know to start trying the implementation.

[ Sorry if I'm missing the point again about what questions are okey, and what are not on SE. I did one on stackoverflow, and metaSE and those didn't go too well. Please don't be too harsh if this is the case again. Advices on how to ask and how not to are also welcome. I'm really trying my best ]

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