I have a current prototype of a laser controller. The main controller right now is raspberry pi. This controls all of the peripheral devices (multiple lasers, adc, amplifiers, switches, etc) as well as the user interface (Tkinter GUI). I am eventually moving the system to a different single board controller that will replace the raspberry pi that will act as the main hub for communications (RS-232, I2C, SPI, etc.). For this next generation of my prototype I have been planning on using Qt for python (e.g. PySide or PyQt) to interface with peripheral devices and house the main GUI. My concerns are weather python is a suitable language to control all of this interfaces (is it a stable enough language to rely on for a production type system?). Or should I stick with Qt for c++? I understand that Qt-c++ is a lower level language that provides more control and is better for processing speeds, but the system is not operating at very fast speeds. Would PyQt be suitable for such an application? Should I have hybrid where all peripherals are controlled by c++/c and the GUI is python? Or am I better off sticking to c++ for Qt?

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